Journey 1

Believe it or not we are all on a journey through our personal lives and careers. We can either let those journeys unfold before us or we can do whatever we can to influence them.

None of us can predict exactly what will happen as a result of what we do. All we can hope to achieve is to influence in a way that works for us. We only ever influence those we come into contact with face-to-face, virtually or via third parties.

We can’t control how others describe us to their colleagues and friends. But we can control how you interact with those you do come into contact with along our journey. Those messages that third parties receive about us get filtered by the perceptions of those passing on the messages. Even so, they are still be directly related to the real us.

A Journey is Never Ending

Journeys have way-points along the way but never an ending. There is always another journey to be made. Think of your business, career, home life in these terms and what those significant way-points are.

We meet so many people on our journeys that we often don’t realise just how we have influenced them. Our influence spreads the moment we make contact with someone so it pays to remain true to ourselves rather than trying to be something we aren’t.

Our business, career and personal journeys might seem different in many respects but we are the one true constant amongst them. Likewise, those we influence won’t always be restricted to one of our single journeys, we may meet them on more than one of those parallel journeys. The person they meet on each of those journeys will be familiar, it’s the context of the journey that differs.

Where do you want to get to on your journey and who will you be influencing today?

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