Shining The Light On Ourselves

Shining The Light

If we shine our own personal spotlight on ourselves we can recognize what’s working for us and what isn’t. This is far easier said than done. It can be uncomfortable when someone else points these things out to us, doubly so when we recognise them in ourselves. But we have to be willing to face up to our own facts in order to recognise our true selves.

Our Perception of Self

What we see in ourselves is our own personal view, our perception of how we believe we come across to others. That includes real life interactions and increasingly online via the myriad of a social media tools at our disposal. How that personal view stacks up against what others see can be difficult to gauge. It requires confidence to open up and ask others for their forthright views on us. More importantly in needs us to be willing to accept what they say.

But that is exactly what shining a spotlight on ourselves is all about. To see how others see us and judge for ourselves whether it’s close to what we thought of ourselves. We might want to shift how we come across and a consistent perception from others might be just what we need to understand in order to make that shift.

Being Authentic Means Knowing Ourselves

Is what we perceive in ourselves what we hope to project when we meet with others? Is what people see in us closer to what we hoped to achieve than we consciously put effort into? Being comfortable in ourselves will allow us to “be our authentic self” in all we do but it doesn’t take away the need to modify what we do on occasions.

Shining that spotlight on ourselves by reflecting on our own performance and interactions with others helps us understand whether what we do meets with our own personal objectives. Asking others, those we trust, to shine a spotlight on us and listening carefully to what they say is a powerful way of matching what we aim to achieve with how people see us.

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