What’s Your Vision In Two Words?


Vision in Two WordsToday I was at a fascinating presentation from futurist David A Smith. Much of what he was talking about wasn’t particularly new to me, growing populations and rapidly changing demographics. However, there was one thing in particular that I took away from it that really struck a chord. And that was the concept of boiling your vision down to just two words.

Again, when I think about it, this isn’t particularly new either but it wasn’t something I’d thought about too much for my business, or even myself (applies equally well to us as individuals of course). Maybe it was the context of the presentation and the talk of global markets, new technologies and how people might work in the future but I found it relatively straightforward to come up with a two word vision for my business, and in this case, for me also.

The fact that I’ve thought about this very subject on and off for quite some time most likely has enabled me to come up with something that works for me. So, for me and my business my two word vision is:

Coaching Everywhere

Coaching, because that’s the absolute essence of what we are about (in this case ‘we’ means me and my business). It’s also non-specific. In others words it doesn’t differentiate between the numerous segments that we might be coaching in although once people get engaged they realise that we have our specialist areas of interest. A marketeer might cringe at such a concept for a vision because it could be said to lack focus, but for me, it’s perfect. It’s a vision after all, not something that will be achieved tomorrow.

Everywhere, because we believe coaching ought to be available where people want it and deliverable in a way that meets their needs. This implies a multitude of delivery methods. It’s also about coaching being accessible to people in all markets and sectors. Coaching at a a time to suit individuals, client and coach, is also implied by this. This might not seem that dramatic but the mechanisms and technologies available now and likely to be in the not too distant future make this intriguing. How about being coached by a holographic coach or even one that is a virtual one driven by artificial intelligence?

Let’s not forget that a vision is what drives us. It’s what determines whether what we decide to embark upon really fits. In that sense it’s not about the here and now but it influences what we do and what we put in place.

Now that I have my boiled down two word vision I need to assess whether what I have in place already contributes to this or not and what I might start doing differently to ensure I’m on the right track. I know that my website doesn’t really fit the bill and it’s far from “simple and elegant” as Eva Y Chan of Brand From Within would advocate. Maybe that’s the first part of the re-work that’s needed but it won’t stop me from ensuring that Coaching Everywhere drives all that I do.

What’s your two word vision?

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