The world of social media offers many opportunities to connect, engage and learn. Leaders, coaches and individuals can interact as never before with people around the world. While this blog is the home for some of my posts (I also post on LinkedIn) I’m active on a select few social media platforms too – I don’t believe it makes sense in spreading myself too thinly.

Twitter Icon

My Twitter ‘handle’ is Mushcado, the name of my company. Twitter is probably the social media platform I’m most active on. There are a number of reasons for this but the main reason is because it really is easiest – 280 characters, that’s it! As well as being able to interact with people I use it for sharing what I find of interest and hope others do too.

Paul Slater FaceBook Page Icon

I also have FaceBook Page which is another way to interact with people. Mostly what I share there are my own posts but also regular thoughts on coaching, leadership, personal development – and anything I think might be of use and interest to others. Activity on the Page isn’t at the same level as on Twitter but it provides an opportunity to engage for those who prefer FaceBook.

Paul Slater LinkedIn Icon

It would almost be impossible not to have a LinkedIn presence these days and I am no different to anyone else in this respect. I try to publish an article each week on LinkedIn, again on leadership and related topics and potentially reaching a different audience from those who might follow me on Twitter or read this blog. There is also a company page for Mushcado which up to now has had little use, it’s more of a placeholder really.

Paul Slater Google+ Icon

The social media platform that perhaps is least used by me is Google+. Quite why this should be is difficult to tell since it offers similar facilities to FaceBook and LinkedIn – maybe that’s the problem. I have a Google+ Page too which for the most part is used for sharing articles I’ve written. Engagement and interaction seems to be far less with Google+.

I see the use of social media as a natural addition to all other ways of communicating. Leaders and managers, anyone in fact, have the opportunity to become involved in communities inside and outside their workplaces for their own benefit and the benefit of those they connect with. To do otherwise is a wasted opportunity for self-development.