Quiet Location

Just where is the best location for a coaching session to be held? There can be confusion about where and when a coaching session can take place. This isn’t much of a surprise as many people who have never experienced coaching won’t know what to expect at all. And if they anticipate being taught about something (this isn’t really coaching in my view) then the location may or may not be that important to them (or the “coach”).

My definition of coaching is all about two individuals, coach and client (can be coach and a number of clients of course) engaging on what the client wants to work on. The key word here is engaging. In order to engage properly coach and client need to be able to communicate with each other – this means talking and listening. And crucially it has to include thinking.

If this seems a little basic I make no apologies. If you are considering working with a coach and your need is to find out how to do something in particular, think again. You can search the Internet to find out just about anything. If you prefer to have someone tell and show you how to do something then you’re after a consultant or advisor, not a coach.

If you want to work out how to do something yourself, maybe for yourself or for you in your professional life then that’s when working with a coach makes sense. And that’s when finding a location for your coaching sessions that allows you and your coach to talk, listen and think is absolutely essential.

Coaching doesn’t have to be in-person of course but you need to make sure you are somewhere where you can talk, listen and think without distractions. So choose a location where you won’t be disturbed for the entirety of your coaching session. And perhaps include time for preparation before the session starts and some time afterwards to reflect on what you’ve discussed. Your coach will make sure they are in suitable place.

In-person coaching needs just the same. Anywhere that allows talking, listening and thinking is ideal. This could be a meeting room, hotel lounge or quiet coffee shop. It could equally be on a walk – walking and coaching works really well.

The reality is that good coaching is reasonably location independent providing coach and client can talk, listen and think. It just takes a little forethought to plan where to meet. Once that’s done the hard coaching work can happen.

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