Coaching for the individual and business.

Paul Slater Leadership CoachWelcome to Reflect & Lead, my blog on coaching and leadership in its widest sense. Self-leadership, leadership of others in small teams, leadership of small and large businesses alike – they all share similarities in addition to their obvious differences. The same applies to coaching, whatever niche may be targeted. Coaching and leadership are all about people and how they work together. My articles here and elsewhere (check out mine on LinkedIn) always have this in mind.

A Few Leadership Thoughts

Leaders aren’t only those people at the tops of organizations, they aren’t even just the people who head up large teams – everyone is a leader in their own way. If you influence those around you then you are a leader. My own view on leadership is very much that in order to be successful we first need to be able to lead ourselves. By that I mean that we need to understand what drives us, where we are headed and what we need to do to get there. This applies whether we are talking about the head of a large corporation, a small startup business or an individual in a group setting.

Each of us influences others in ways we often don’t appreciate. Consciously doing things in a workplace or at home is what we often consider when we think about how “we have made an impact”. But how often do we consider the things we didn’t do, or didn’t say? They can have just as much an impact on those around us.

In the same way, the way we say things, the tone of our voices and the timing of interactions all have an impact that we seldom reflect on. This is just as applicable in the digital and virtual world we inhabit as it is in the face-to-face world of business and at home.

Why I set up Reflect & Lead

The purpose for this site is that it will encourage engagement around leadership and related topics – leadership is after all such a wide ranging topic. I’ll be adding posts as and when I can and over time the intention is that the site will become a useful resource and point of reference. Let me know what you would like included and I’ll see what I can do to include your suggestions.

Feel free to make contact. I’m on LinkedIn, FaceBook and use Twitter as a way or interacting with people who have similar interests as well as for sharing information and articles I think others might find useful. My company website contains some basic information on what I offer – take a look and let me know how I can help you. If you would like me to work with you as your coach then just get in contact and we can set it up.

My best wishes,